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2016 FIFA/FFAS Referee Course underway

“I am here to help achieve FIFA’s aims in terms of refereeing, and that’s to help the (Member Association) improve their level of referees, assistant referees and instructors,” explained John Chia Eng Wah, a FIFA Instructor from Singapore. “Another is a support of courses for refereeing as well as a support project of preparing these match officials for FIFA competitions.
“There are four aims to this course that by the end of the week you should all be knowledgeable about,” he added.
The objectives are:
• To understand the interpretation and application of the new changes in the FIFA Laws of the Game
• A better understanding of the concept on the technical and tactical analysis of various topics
• Introduction of the new fitness test and new training methods
• Practical field training
“It is a lot to learn but I have confidence in all of you, especially those of you who are current FFAS referee and assistant referees for our association,” said FFAS CEO Tavita Taumua, upon officially opening the course on behalf of president, Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet. “Some of these new rules are not new to us because they were used during the recent OFC U-20 and U-17 tournaments, but it is good that now all our match officials will be introduced to the changes to these Laws of the Game.”
Chia Eng Wah told the participants that being a referee is better than being a player.
“I think the referee is the better option than playing,” he said. “In Singapore our National team has never won the (Asian Confederation Football) Cup, and we have never made it to the FIFA World Cup.
“However, a Singapore referee has made it to the world’s biggest stage as a referee or assistant referee,” Chia Eng Wah explained. “That’s why I believe being a referee is the better option.”
Some of the changes include the refereeing being able to issue yellow or red cards before the start of a game; the kickoff with the ball not required to start with a forward pass on the halfway line and players feinting on a penalty kick will now receive a yellow card.
One law that should be beneficial to American Samoa is the allowance of drink breaks during extremely hot and humid conditions.
Assisting Chia Eng Wah in the course are FFAS instructors Lemusa Alatasi, Richard Donovan, Faimalo Rambo Tapui, Sione Mau and Fred Maiava.
A fitness test will be held on August 2 with practical and theoretical sessions held throughout the week.
During the opening of the course, Chia Eng Wah, presented on behalf of FIFA President Gianni Infantino and Massimo Busacca, the Head of FIFA Referees Department, to Taumua and FFAS a Fitness Test electronic gates and projector for use by the local match officials and instructors.
“On behalf of our president, Faiivae, the executive committee, our association and our referees, we thank FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the Head of FIFA Referees Department, Massimo Busacca, for these items that will help us to improve the level of our local match officials,” Taumua said.

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