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ASHSAA Boy's Soccer

DOE calls off ASHSAA Soccer
The completion of the ASHSAA Boys soccer season was canceled along with several other remaining spor...

OFC Technical Department

Futsal on the rise in Oceania
Futsal is set to become a vital part of the fabric of football in Oceania if Paul Toohey gets his wa...


OFC President visits FFAS
FIFA Vice-President and OFC President David Chung visited with the Football Federation American Samo...

Next Goal Wins

FFAS looks forward to Next Goal Wins
“It was one hell of a ride, I must say, it was unbelievable,” Thomas Rongen said in describing his f...
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A territory with just 70,000 people and an area of 199km², American Samoa is traditionally strong in sports such as gridiron, basketball and baseball but football is starting to take over these popular pastimes. The strength of the game is at the youth level where Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS) has worked hard to establish competitions within schools. Under the tutelage of President Iuli Alex Godinet,
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